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Who's Who On the All Blues Executive Board 2017

Victoria Abrenica

Exec board members taking a quick hike/break at the two-day, annual retreat held in Yosemite

As a player-run organization, we are proud of the work that our All Blues executive members put in in order to keep us on the pitch, playing the game that we love. Since our beloved ex-POTAB Phoebe moved to New York earlier this year (love you Phoebs!), there have been some changes in the line-up. Presenting...the All Blues Executive Board of 2017! Keep scrolling below to find some tidbits on our favorite people.

President & Acting WPL VP: Bridget DeSantis

D2 VP: Allie Byrne

7s VP: Evan Hoese

Treasurer: Evan Hoese

Secretary: Lexie Thomas

Fundraising Co-Directors: Sonia Globerson-Lamb & Kyra Trowbridge

Fundraising Team: Gigi Tricocci

Sponsorship Coordinator: Maggie Simpson

Fields Secretary: Sam Miller

Travel Coordinator: Monika Rozkowska

Equipment Manager: Nicole DeRose

Community Outreach Director: Lisa Dombroski

Social Chair: Kedra Davis

Alumnae Coordinator: Julie "JQ" Kieu

Media Director: Maja Wichrowska

Media Team: Madison Taylor & Victoria Abrenica

Merchandise Manager: Cassandra Tong

Recruitment Coordinator: Kyra Trowbridge


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