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All Blues Grant for Trans Athlete Testimonials

The All Blues Women’s Rugby Team condemns the transphobic policies proposed by World Rugby. To support our fellow athletes in the face of this exclusionary recommendation, we have created the Grant for Trans Athlete Testimonials (GTAT). The All Blues GTAT will distribute $100 to 5 trans and/or nonbinary athletes who share their their testimonial with USA Rugby. 

While the effort made by USA Rugby to amplify the voices of the athletes affected by potential trans-exclusionary policies is appreciated, trans and nonbinary athletes should not have to validate their existence to be considered important members of the rugby community. No dollar amount will erase the pain that World Rugby has caused, but we want to do a small part to compensate these athletes for their time, expertise, and emotional labor. 

Please go to to read the full grant and learn about the Eligibility, Application, and Review process. Please share this with athletes and teams in your network! DM or email us at with any questions.

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